Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Marshall Family Moves In!

Saturday July 24th 2010 - Angela Marshall and her 2 children were able to move into their new Habitat for Humanity Home in LaPorte. Refreshments were provided by St. John's Episcopal Church Youth Group and The Blessing of the Home and Benediction was done by Father Mike Besson also with St. John's Episcopal. Volunteer groups have worked hard along with Angela and her family to help build this home. View more pictures of this special day by clicking Here
A huge Thank You to the House Sponsors:
City of LaPorte
The Gene Kranz Foundation
Bill and Helen Crowder Foundation
The Christmas Gift Wrappers
The Christmas Donations
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Hodges

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This is a crazy week for us here at BAHFH! In true over-achieving fashion, we decided that we would add to the long list of things to do and start our own BAHFH Blog!! This week we had a Youth Group from Pilgrim United Church of Christ drive down to volunteer with us from Wisconsin! So how are they handling the heat? All the off and on again rain we've had this week, has helped to keep our construction site cooler than it normally would be in July. On the other hand, it's made it a complete mud pit! The group came down and helped us finish painting Angela Marshall's house. The big project that they have been working on has been building 2 playhouses "Mini Habitat Houses" for a fundraiser we will be doing this fall. A few years ago BAHFH auctioned off Playhouses in Baybrook Mall, we will not be able to use the mall this year, but stay tuned ~ as soon as the houses are completed we will be selling raffle tickets online. The houses can be viewed along with our "real" Habitat houses on Florida Street in Dickinson. Saturday July 24th at 10:00 a.m. we will be dedicating The LaPorte Spring Build home, Angela Marshall and her two children have partnered with BAHFH to help build this special home. Come and congratulate her on Saturday - the address is 208 N. 6th Street in LaPorte.